Recognized Scrum Master 1

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    A good understanding of Scrum and/or finished the Mechanics of Scrum course


    Scrum Guide Organization® Recognized Scrum Master 1® Certification


    This On-Demand, self-paced course allows you to set your own learning schedule


Earn a Certification Recognized by Scrum Guide Organization®

As a RSM1™, you’re familiar with the basics of Scrum but would like to expand your understanding and improve your skills. Recognized Scrum Master 1™ is the first part of our Scrum Leadership Series. This Scrum Leadership Series focuses on Scrum Mastering and Product Ownership. There are 15 modules and each module is made up of a combination of readings, multiple-choice quizzes, study buddy discussions questions, and scenario-based exercises. Course agenda includes:

Scrum in a Nutshell

The Scrum Team

The Team's Scrum Master

Modes of the Scrum Master

People Outside the Team

The Team Swarm


The Backlog

Technical Debt

The Story's Agreement

Velocity and Size

Backlog Refinement

Planning Day

The Daily Scrum

Scaling An Organization

Learn At Your Own Pace

This On-Demand course means you set your own schedule to learn! Our RSM1™ course is made up of a series of modules to be completed within one year. Complete scenario-based assignments, study buddy discussion questions, and multiple-choice quizzes to advance to the next module. Students can finish this course in as little as two weeks.

This course is designed specifically for 3Back's Scrum Leadership Series. The prerequisite for this course is Foundation of Scrum or a basic understanding of Scrum.

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