Recognized Scrum Master 3

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    RSM2 Certification; 24 months of professional experience as a Scrum Master during the last five years


    Scrum Guide Organization® Recognized Scrum Master 3® Certification


    This On-Demand, self-paced course allows you to set your own learning schedule



Earn a Certification Recognized by Scrum Guide Organization®

As a RSM3®, you are actively working on Organizational Improvement. You are now deeply skilled at building great teams and have built great Scrum Teams as a Scrum Master and emergent leader in your organization. You have encountered numerous challenges to Great Scrum Team development and now want to take your skills to the next level. Courses include:

It's the People, Stupid!

Cynefin and Scrum

Lean, Agile, and Scrum

Facilitating Decision-Making


Team Effectiveness

Technical Skills and Capabilities

From Idea to Strategy to Product

Starting a New Scrum Team

Adopting Scrum

Scaling (Part 1)

Scaling (Part 2)


What's Next?

Learn At Your Own Pace

This On-Demand course means you set your own schedule to learn! Our RSM3® course is made up of a series of modules to be completed within one year. Complete scenario-based assignments, study buddy discussion questions, and multiple-choice quizzes to advance to the next module. Students can finish this course in as little as two weeks.

This course is for those with agile experience, and specifically for those that have their Recognized Scrum Master 2 (RSM2) certification, from the Scrum Guide.

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