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Scrum Guidebook:
Analysis of the 2017 Scrum Guide

We analyzed the 2017 Scrum Guide, and made an annotated version. There are 60+ annotations, each containing observations about what we found in the Scrum Guide.

Scrum Guidebook: Analysis of the 2017 Scrum Guide

by Dan Rawsthorne and Doug Shimp

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In practice, Scrum is a vague concept. There are many different, incompatible, kinds of Scrum; and for each of these kinds of Scrum, there can be different descriptions. We like the Scrum that is described in the 2017 Scrum Guide, but we find the description to be lacking. We wrote the Scrum Handbooks (both STS and MTS) in order to provide a different description of Scrum, which was true to the Scrum of the Scrum Guide, but whose description is more useful to Organizations trying to use Scrum. So, in order to verify that we ‘got the Scrum right,’ we analyzed the 2017 Scrum Guide and made an annotated version of it for people to review. There are over 60 annotations, and each contains one or more observations made about what we find in the Scrum Guide.