About Scrum Guide Organization

We are a community dedicated to helping organizations, teams, and individuals reach their full potential using Scrum. Find out more about our origins here.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the Scrum Guide Organization is to provide Professional Recognition of Programs that help people achieve mastery in applied Scrum practice. Our goal is to provide recognition of credible Scrum Programs as developed by community members; these Programs must provide real competencies and skills to the people using them, and the skills and competencies must have market demand. Our vision is to be the de facto Recognition Entity for Scrum as put forth by the Scrum Manifesto.

Moral Guidance

We are guided by the values of Caring, Competency and Conviction.

  • Caring

    Caring is our sense of humanity and the betterment of people everywhere; we will not sacrifice our sense of caring for expediency, personal gain or forgetfulness.

  • Competency

    Competency is born out of perseverance and personal struggle, real skills are earned and require opportunities to develop; while we support book-knowledge we strongly believe that real competency must involve significant time spent doing it in an applied context - there is no substitute for practicum.

  • Conviction

    Finally, Conviction emerges through the pursuit or endeavor that we are undertaking; we know that real conviction strengthens our identity and the importance of our work.

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Scrum is Scrum and it is open to all. The circle is global and includes anyone, in any country. We are for Scrum Practitioners, Teams and Organizations wishing to get better by using Recognized Scrum Programs.

Our Initiative

We will ‘Make it Easy’ to achieve excellence by helping produce Industry Recognized Scrum Programs (IRSP). SGO members will have access to real competency development that is suitable for their domain of expertise. The SGO is a Scrum recognition entity, we do not administer programs.

Industry Recognized Scrum Programs™