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Scrum was first adopted by software development teams, but today many of the Fortune 500 companies use Scrum such as Google, Spotify, Capital One, BBC, Microsoft, and Boeing (just to name a few).

This program can be completed in one day and is for anyone who is new to the world of Scrum - its foundations, its principles, its nuances - there’s a lot to digest. That’s the inspiration behind this program, to cut through some of the high-level intellectual, book smart aspects of Scrum and, well, tell it like it is.

Scrum training is especially appropriate for anyone in the corporate structure dealing with rapidly changing demands. In a traditional organization, these roles might include:

Program Managers

Technical Writers


Project Managers

Product Managers





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  • Get Introduced to Agile Processes
    Scrum is an agile process framework that has proven to work in project/product development environments that experience rapid change and/or emergent requirements.
  • Learn Project Management Optimization Tips
    Learn project or product development methods that contain short, rapid cycles for evolving products.
  • Build Better, More Efficient Teams
    Encourage rapid, intense team collaborations with frequent standups to stay ‘synced’ while working.

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