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We have spent decades using, exploring, and helping others implement, Scrum. Through doing this work, we have come to believe:

  1. Scrum is Scrum, and there has been Scrum as long as humans have been working in groups.
  2. All Implementations of Scrum are unique, and each contains the following elements:
    • Small, Self-Organized Teams producing Results,
    • Product Ownership ensuring those Results have Value,
    • Scrum Mastering facilitating Improvements, and
    • Frequent Adaptation of both Improvements and Results.

    These four elements are intimately linked, and Scrum is not Scrum without all four of them.

  3. There is no “one true scrum” – there are many descriptions and models of Scrum, suited to particular contexts.
  4. It is not expected that a Scrum suited to one context will work in another.
  5. A particular Scrum may contain processes and practices but, at its core, all Scrums must focus on People.

We need to focus on the simple beauty of Scrum, and realize that there is little that matters other than creating it again.

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